About me


I am an artist living and working in Norwich. I am hugely inspired by nature and natural forms, particularly coastal scenes, wildflowers and trees.

Artist’s statement:

With painting, I like to capture an essence of something I have seen and enjoy using expressive gestures and bold colours. I am really interested in the therapeutic side to making art and being in nature.

I tend to work primarily with oil paints. There is something about their versatility and texture I absolutely love to work with. But I am also really interested in printmaking, which I like to combine with water based paint and collage. I have always loved the aesthetic of print, particularly relief printing.

To me, making art is a bit of an obsession. With each piece I just want to create more. One picture feeds from another and it’s a seemingly endless, yet hugely satisfying, process to me. When I am making things and painting, I just get lost in another world, I suppose it’s a true passion. I just love it

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